giovedì 9 luglio 2015

A lezione di Democrazia

 Quello che segue è il discorso di Alexis Tsipras tenuto ieri, 8 luglio, al Parlamento Europeo.

"Thank you very much Mr. President.

Honorable Members of Parliament, it is an honor for me to speak in this veritable temple of European democracy. Thank you very much for the invitation. I am honored to address the elected representatives of the peoples of Europe, at a critical time both for my country–for Greece–and for the Eurozone and the European Union as a whole, as well.

I find myself among you, just a few days following the strong verdict of the Greek people, following our decision to allow them to express their will, to directly decide, to adopt a stance and to actively take part in the negotiation regarding their future. Only a few days after their strong verdict instructing us to strengthen our efforts to achieve a socially just and financially sustainable solution to the Greek problem–without the mistakes of the past that condemned the Greek economy, and without the perpetual and hopeless austerity that has trapped the economy into a recessionary vicious cycle, and society in a long-lasting and deep depression. The Greek people made a brave choice, under unprecedented pressures, with the banks being closed, with the majority of the media attempting to terrorize people that a NO vote would lead to a rupture with Europe."

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Raffaello Sanzio
Scuola di Atene 

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  1. Spero che l'ultima parola non la dica la dittatura della finanza, ma il buonsenso della solidarietà tra popoli così vicini. Buona domenica!

    1. Sì, Maria, davvero lo spero anch'io! Che si riconosca, come tu dici, la vicinanza tra i popoli mediterranei e si trovi una soluzione, buona, comune.